Cleaning Up after a Storm in US

On January 18th, 2012 By 

Louisville, USA is the place where a storm hit yesterday. The damages, which the homes of the people living there, have received are huge. The officials reported that in some areas there was no electricity and people stayed in the dark in the night.

What was worse is that the victims are the ones to clean after the storm. But still some of them are just thankful for being alive. Today in the state of Kentucky were reported storms again and even tornadoes which makes the fixing of the electricity network almost impossible. So, people continue cleaning the mess after the hurricane with no power.

Almost the same was the situation in Hindsdale were the expenses for the cleaning after the storm were announced to $110,000. Darrell Langlois who is a director of finance claims that this was great amount of money to be spend for cleaning after a storm. The good news about the people living in the area is that they will receive $28,443 which the Federal Emergency Management Agency will give them to help the village to recover.

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