Cleaning Supplies – Safe for Humans, Dangerous for Pets

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green cleaning and petsThe upcoming warm weather reminds us that we have to deal with some spring cleaning. Most people prefer to use green cleaning products but they don’t know that some of these products are safe for humans and dangerous for pets, veterinarians say.

The reason is very simple. Commercial cleaning detergents come with instructions how they should be used and what precautions they should take. While home-made cleaning supplies do not have such instructions and people forget to be careful when using those products.

Doctor Karl Jandrey who works for the Veterinary Medical Teaching Hospital in California says that the majority of people do not realize how harmful the cleaning products are. For example, essential oils are safe for humans but few know that cats can get stomachache from them.

You can avoid harming your pets. Just keep them away from the places you clean. Start the process room by room and thus you can close the cat or the dog in one of the other rooms. No matter how green your cleaning products are, they can cause problems when it comes to your pets.

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