Cleaning Products’ Manufacturers Hiding Dangerous Ingredients

On October 7th, 2012 By 

When we pick up green cleaning products to buy in the store, we usually take a look at the label where the ingredients are written. Unfortunately, the law gives the manufacturers the right to hide some of the compounds of the products because of their brand.

Recently a company in New York protested because of the grades the Environmental Working Group gave them. The company producing cleaning products which (according to them) are safe for babies agreed to reveal the full list of ingredients in their products. It clearly shows that half of the products and even more contain the dangerous chemical known as formaldehyde which is carcinogen.

Johanna Congleton, scientist in the Environmental Working Group, says that it is very essential the manufacturers of cleaning products to stop hiding what ingredients they use as this may affect people’s health very seriously. It is very dangerous to use products containing carcinogens especially around babies as they are very easily harmful.

The EWG wants to get even more familiar with the chemicals used by most of the companies producing cleaners and thus to inform the customers about the dangers these products hide.

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