Cleaning Fairy Arrested for Shoveling a Neighbour’s Driveway

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A cleaning lady was arrested in Ohio, US, for cleaning a neighbour’s driveway of snow. Susan Warren shovelled the driveway without the owner’s consent. Back in May, 2012, the same woman was accused in breaking into a home and cleaning it without permission.

It is strange but the act of cleaning someone else’s property without permission is a crime, trespassing or burglary, all illegal. And it gets even worse when the property is damaged. Fortunately cleaning is a kind act but still undesired.

The major problem of cleaning fairies is that they do charge for the cleaning. They charge the owners $75 for the service they didn’t order. Then they have a word with the homeowners in attempt to figure out whether the cleaning lady had made a mistake cleaning the wrong house, or just does it all the time. She pleaded guilty.

Then Bush proceeded with shovelling her neighbour’s driveway. Luckily, no charges were brought for the snow shovelling, probably she didn’t charge for it.

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