Cleaning Chemical Found in the Soil in California

On March 3rd, 2012 By 

Some of the cleaning chemicals can be very dangerous about people’s health. Dry cleaning chemicals are even more hazardous and experts always warn us to be careful when using them. But it appears that there is some type of dry cleaning chemical in the soil under a government building in Orange County, California.

The substance called perchloroethylene has been found in the samples from the soil taken from several feet under the building. The chemical is no longer used in dry cleaning as it is thought to be carcinogen according to the federal officials.

Some of the people working in the building claim they feel dizzy and sick from the solution which the soil beneath them contains. The officials announcement was that they are going to do more tests but there is nothing to panic about. Before the building became government one, there was oil-rig manufacturing industrial company on that place. But nobody knows yet, whether this is the reason for the contamination of the soil. Everything is about to be established.

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