Cleaners Not Stealing from Hotel Rooms

On July 14th, 2012 By 

The cleaners in the hotels are some of the most often suspects for a theft from a hotel room. The reason is that they have access to each part of the hotel. But does a cleaner dare to steal from the rich customers?

A recent research made by Forbes makes us think the housekeepers do not allowed to themselves to steal from the rooms because of a possible punishment.

The owners and the managers of most hotels even of the biggest part of the hotels, took some precautions by marking down the name of the cleaner of each room. This means that when something is missing, they know the name of the man or woman who had access to the particular room.

Another conclusion Forbes made is that the management of most hotels always decides these problems without calling the police in order to prevent the brand from bad name. Even when the thief is not found, the managers choose to cover the damages instead of sending their customers to the police department.

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