Cleaners Do Not Get Paid Holiday Leave

On October 6th, 2012 By 

The latest news from the cleaning business revealed that the domestic cleaners who work for private households do not get paid holiday and sick leave.

According to a recent research, those cleaners who do not work for cleaning companies but in private homes receive higher payment but their right of paid leave is being violated. The average payment to employees in private households is €12.50 an hour but when they get sick, they are not being paid.

The trade union federation FNV revealed that 9% of all employers pay their cleaners less than the minimum which is 9.50. The truth is that only 6% of pay their cleaners for the regular four week holiday per year and even less (4%) are the employers who pay for sick leave.

What leads to this is probably the fact that the biggest part of the contracts are informal and no law oblige the employers to pay their what they deserve. The amount of households which hire cleaners is 890 000.

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