Cleaner Helps the Police Arresting a Thief

On August 6th, 2012 By 

43 years old man chased a thief in Putney and helped the Police to arrest him after the mugger robbed a man on the street. Paul Davis was cleaning on Carlton Drive when he saw the accident.

The thief had a knife holding it to the victim’s throat and stole some money and a coat. When Davis saw what was happening, he ran after him and chased the thief to the East Putney tube station. Davis managed to hold the guy until the arrival of the police officers who arrested him. The cleaner showed them the location of the knife as well.

For his brave action, Paul Davis will be rewarded and he can also receive a police commendation because of his heroic fast reaction.

“To be honest I didn’t really think about it – I just reacted and when the guy ran off I just kept on chasing him.” said the cleaner for Guardian.

The police in Putney is very thankful for the reactions of Paul Davis which were very brave and helped for a mugger to be caught and put in jail where his place is.

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