Cleaner Caught Stealing Shirts From Prison

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cleaner stole shirts from jailDo you fancy a team of cleaners dressed in prison shirts?

Kevin Hall, a prison cleaner from Bristol, has allegedly stolen jail property: shirts, in particular. He was reported by his wife, who found the garments in the garage.

Prison property stolen by Kevin included also bed linen and cigarette lighters. Shirts, as Hall claimed, were destined to be used for his cleaning team outfit. But he never admitted to stealing them. He stated that they were in his possession as he borrowed them for the training session and then forgot to return them.

Kevin Hall was employed by the Horfield prison as a cleaning instructor until 2010 when he moved out from Easton-in-Gordano home upon splitting from his wife.

Police seized all the stolen shirts and cleaning products from his former and current address. Hall denied all charges of theft and explained that he was allowed to have them, but authorities and court doubt that.

Mrs Hall shed some light on the case, recalling conversations with her husband. He also took possession of a jet washing equipment and describes his act as ‘taking candy from a baby’ and he took advantage of the change in the prison personnel when clearing the storeroom items.

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