Clean Team in Middlewich Fights Fly-Tipping

On August 24th, 2012 By 

A clean team in Middlewich tries to fight against fishermen in the area who leave their litter on the canal side every night.

The group of people living in Middlewich was formed by Janet Chisholm in order to stand against the fishermen who come in the area. Middlewich is situated near the Shropshire Union Canal. It is favourite place of many fishermen and the residents of the locality say they don’t have anything against fishing but they want the visitors of the canal to clean their litter.

Mrs Chisholm admits that she has been cleaning the area near the canal at least three times but it gets full of rubbish again.

The Canal and River Trust announced they help the clean team in Middlewich in every possible way. They also commented the fact that it is necessary for them to install new signs against litter and to start monitoring the situation closely about its future improvement.

The association reminds all fishermen that fly-tipping is illegal and everyone who is caught doing this will be fined.

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