Clean a Lake to Find a Treasure

On April 7th, 2012 By 

Many people have dreamed about finding a buried treasure but only a few had the chance to find it indeed. This week, the miracle happened to several students in Oakland, California.

The young people went to clean a local lake in the area. They organized the cleaning event because of a school project and went to remove the unpleasant debris and junk from the shore. While cleaning, the sixth-graders found two bags, each of them weighting 15 pounds, and they thought they found some trash or just water but it appeared that the bags were full of valuable items such as foreign coins, military medals, antique jewellery and watches, and even silver candlesticks.

The students brought the bags with the treasure in the police department of Oakland where an investigation was started in order to find out who is the owner of the items and how they appeared buried there. If nobody claims the items, they will be given to the St. Paul’s Episcopal School.

The children who found the treasure bags take part in cleaning projects every week but they have found only clothes and a cell phone for now. The conclusion is that if you want to find a fortune, you have to clean the local lake and river more often.

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