Classes on Making Home Cleaning Products

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It’s not a secret for anybody that green cleaning is now modern and more people want to practice it. We realized how harmful the chemicals are and that leads us to the idea to start using eco-friendly cleaning supplies or to even make them at home.

If you are of those people who really want to learn making home cleaning products, then you can consider visiting the classes called “Spring Cleaning Can Be Fun” in Ohio Herb Education Centre. The course will be leaded by Brooke Sackenheim for the price of $15 for the local citizens and $20 for everybody else. You have two opportunities to visit the classes. The first one is on 10th of April and the second one on Saturday 14th .The duration of each class will be an hour.

Brooke Sackenheim started learning how to make home cleaning products by herself 5 years ago. The reason she did that was the dizziness a cleaning chemical caused to her once. That made her do a research and find more harmless way of cleaning. And more precisely using vinegar, baking soda and soap.

Now Brooke feels it is time for her to share her knowledge with the rest of the world and help us protect our health.

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  1. Andrew Whiteman Says:

    There are lots of commercial cleaning products out there that contain no chemicals at all. When you consider what it costs to buy all the ingredients for home made cleaners and the time it takes to mix them and bottle then I wonder if it’s worth it. Of course you have to make sure you get the mixtures right, test them etc..

  2. Sarah Smith Says:

    You are right, Andrew but think about the results. Don’t you feel satisfied to see your house clean and sparkling in the end and even more satisfied to know that you did that all by yourself? Sometimes the time spared to buy the ingredients and to mix them is worth it. Of course, it is a mixed blessing. :)

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