Celebrity’s Daughter Loves Cleaning

On December 11th, 2012 By 

christina applegateThe celebrity Christina Applegate shared with her fans that her daughter Sadie, who is 22 months old, loves cleaning. She was so small but she already knows that a house should be tidy and clean and she does that enthusiastically.

Applegate has her own blog for People magazine and this is where she shared how much her daughter enjoys cleaning the house. ‘She loves to clean, and use her broom – and this is without any encouragement from me! A mother’s dream, right?’, writes the celebrity.

She also shared how great it was for her to enjoy her daughter when Sadie was playing in the playhouse. The little girl loved to prepare fake tea and she always cleaned her glasses and the place where she used to play.

Christina Applegate also talked about how great it was to watch your child developing its own personality and discovering the world with each day.

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