Cadbury to Launch New Women Only Chocolate – Crispello

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Cadbury is the second largest confectionery company in the UK, owned by Kraft Foods. Anyone from the street cleaner to the Queen have had a bar of Dairy Milk. Cadbury is now going back in time and reintroducing the special chocolate for women. Women deserve their reserved treat, a gender-focused formula called Crispello, the chocolate bar for women only.

Cadbury has recently won a marketing battle over Nestlé. Now no other brand can use its purple shades on packaging as they are ‘distinctive of Cadbury for milk chocolate’.

Trends are that women are buying less chocolate and the company is currently experiencing slump in the sales. Women are increasingly trying to make their life healthier and thus reducing chocolate consumption.

Good news ladies, the new Crispello, sold by the motto “a little treat for you”, is relatively healthy with its 165 calories. Its special formula is said to be exactly what women crave for – a wafer and chocolate mix. Another attractive thing is that the treat for women comes in 3 separate portions and can be consumed bit by bit.

Marketers say that gender targeted products sell well and this is a successful practice.

Now, girls, let’s have a delightful bite at Crispello having cleaned the house inside-out. Yummy, this seems quite rewarding.

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