Burghfield Common Fume Accident Caused by Cleaning Products

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Dangerous fumes mixture caused breathing problems to three Burghfield Common residents. A mixture of household products filled a premise with noxious fumes. Fortunately, everyone is safe and sound. They were taken to hospital as a precaution.

Firebrigade was called to the rescue and found the three people overcome by the noxious fumes. Fire fighters alerted the occupants of the premises in close proximity to shut their windows tight and stay outdoors. The source of the noxious fumes was a mixture  domestic cleaning products, the crew manager Robin Jordan reported. The crew found the cleaning products emitting fumes, poured the solution down the toilet drain and then aired the house.
The area was cordoned for almost 3 hours.

Cleaning products mixtures can be dangerous. Detergents contain chemicals that may even explode when mixed. Intoxication and suffocation are some of the most common side effects of underestimating the danger of using detergents combined. Cleanerconfessions advise on reading the list of contents and all precautions prior to cleaning. Anything else you do is at your own risk and may cause severe health implications, breathing problems and burns .

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