Bullet Explodes in an Oven and Injures a Woman

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Bullet in microwave exploded


Aalaya Walker, 18, was injured after trying to warm up a meal in the microwave oven. She was trying to make frozen waffles in her apartment when the oven exploded injuring her legs and chest as bullet fragments flew around.

The accident occurred on Monday. According to MSN, a friend of hers had stored a shrapnel in the microwave oven. The bullets were from the 45-caliber Glock 21, owned by Aalaya’s friend Sandy according to his concealed weapon permit.

Luckily, Aalaya managed to get to the hospital on time where she was taken care of and released with no severe injuries.

Huffingtonpost reports that Sandy was questioned by local officers and confirmed the story. He said that the oven temperature gauge was not working properly and the inside of the oven was damaged as well.

This is another accident that has a happy ending. It is highly advisable to always check the microwave insides before turning it on. Any metal object can cause an explosion.

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