Boy Poisoned by Oven Cleaning Fluid

On September 5th, 2012 By 

A boy from Corringham, Essex drank oven cleaning fluid and had to spend three weeks in the hospital. This happened after the boy opened the bottle himself despite the safety lock.

Callum Blackshow was with his grandmother but she forgot the bottle with the oven cleaner on the kitchen table. It is not known yet how the little boy managed to handle the safety cap mechanism and whether it was broken. Experts remind parents to be careful when leaving such dangerous fluids around the house. These things should be kept on a place where kids cannot find it.

The company producer of the oven cleaning product announced an emergency phone line for everyone who is concerned about the safety of the bottles. They also started a check of the lock cap mechanism. Chris Bull, chief executive of the company said, they are distressed by the accident and pray for the boy to get well sooner.

The phone open for your calls is 0845 605 2981. Mr Bull also reminds us that keeping the cleaning products away from children is very important.

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