Anti-fogging Glass to Ease Cleaning

On April 27th, 2012 By 

Cleaning the windows is one of the most hated tasks in the house as it is tough and time-consuming. Nobody wants to scrub the glass until there isn’t a spot. Now there is no need for you to do that.

The company called MIT succeeded in producing a self-cleaning glass which repels water. The glass looks strange according the experts because it doesn’t reflect light as the normal glass does. It is covered with a special coating which makes the water drops to bounce from the surface. That’s why it resists fogging and glare.

The secret of the self-cleaning glass is in the coating which consists of tiny cones. The future plans for the technology is to be useful for the screens of the TVs, smartphones, cameras, etc but only if it is cheap enough for that purpose. The experts estimated that the coast is worth paying in order to use the glass for the solar panels as this is going to prevent much bigger problems when it comes to maintenance.

All we can do now is to hope that we can have such windows as soon as possible to get rid of the awful cleaning.

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