A Sponge to Clean Oil Spills

On April 16th, 2012 By 

We want to live into healthier environment but protecting the planet is still one of the biggest problems. There are very often oil spills that pollute the Earth’s water supplies which leads to many disasters.

But now there is a sponge to that is capable of cleaning up such spills. Several scientists from all over the world found out a way to grow a nanosponge which can absorb oil hundred times more than the weight of the sponge itself.

This special item was made to absorb only oil and it is super-hydrophobic and even when you put it in water, it will remain dry. This makes it better because this way the sponge will float on the water and will absorb oil easier.

There are several ways to take the liquid out of the sponge once it absorbed enough oil. The last one can be burnt and this is not going to damage the sponge at all. Or the scientists say that using compression is also an option. Both ways the sponge is ready to use again.

If the production of such sponges begins, we may see them very soon and finally reduce the pollution which the oil spills cause.

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