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Look around your house. Go ahead, take some time walk through each room and really look at it. Think about it the way a stranger would. If you walked into your house right now as a complete stranger what would you think? Does your house look really good or does it look cluttered and full of way too much stuff? Is there space for you to walk around the entire room easily? Do you have to step over a lot of stuff? What about drawers and closets? Does everything open and close easily without you having to push things aside or lean over boxes? Can you find everything that you want quickly and easily?

If you are like most people then the answer to a lot of those questions is probably no. Your house is probably way too cluttered for you to walk around and open doors easily. You probably have to push boxes and papers out of the way all the time to get to the things that you want. And you probably never know where anything is. Well the good news is that we are here to help you with those problems. I’m going to tell you what it will take for you to get your house in better shape quickly and easily. By the time you’ve read through this article you will be able to know exactly what you need and what you don’t in your home and how to keep it looking great.

The first step is going to deal with the clutter in your home. That means getting rid of all the extra, and broken things. This will include going through every single thing that you own. You are going to be looking at everything to decide what you need and what you don’t. While you are going through your home and decluttering your space there are four questions that you should be asking yourself about every item that you find. These questions will help you to decide what should be done with the items you have:

Is it mine? – You don’t want to start throwing out or donating things that don’t belong to you. So anything that you borrowed from a friend, library books and movie rentals all go in one pile to be returned wherever they belong.

Does it work? – If you pick up something that’s broken or full of holes then it doesn’t work. These items go straight into the trash. Don’t think about how you were going to fix it one day when you got the chance or it belonged to your daughter five years ago. If it doesn’t work then throw it out.

Do I need it? – This is the category where you look at the worth of an item.
Is it usable and do you use it? If it is a special shirt you’ve had for five years and never worn once then it is probably something you can get rid of. If it is the coffee pot you use every morning then keep it. You also want to use this category to get rid of anything that might be broken. If it is not usable, you don’t need it.

Is it sentimental? – This is the category for things that are special to you but you don’t necessarily have a use for. Your daughter’s handprints from when she was five might go in this pile. So might your great-grandmother’s necklace or your father’s watch. These are things that are too special to you for you to get rid of.

So let’s get started with one of the simpler rooms in your house. Which room in your home has the least clutter in it? If you are like most people, it is probably the bathroom. After all, what do you store in the bathroom other than your hygiene and toiletry products? Not a whole lot most likely. The only other things that will likely be in this room are things that were in your pockets at one time or another. You may find change or gum but you probably won’t find a lot of big things. So go through each of those cabinets and drawers, look through the closet and pull out everything that doesn’t belong first.

Anything that isn’t hygiene and bathroom related doesn’t belong to the bathroom. Start by sorting out those items and sort them based on the categories you were given. If it is useful and you want to keep it put it in one pile, if it is useful but you don’t need it then put in somewhere to donate. You will also want a trash bin for anything that needs to be thrown out and a pile for things that need to be returned. Everything that you move around in your bathroom should go into one of these piles.

Once you have gone through the things that don’t belong it is time to go through the things that do. The old perfume bottle that’s been empty for months can probably be thrown out. Your old towels that have holes in them can go, too. Anything that is no longer usable or that you don’t like can be donated or simply thrown away. Your bathroom should be completely empty save for the pile of stuff that you’ve decided you are going to keep. Look through that pile again and think about whether you really need those items. Anything you decide you don’t need can be put into give away or throw away pile.

Once you’ve done with the bathroom move on to the next less cluttered room, and so until the entire house is decluttered. At the end of the day, you would be surprised how many things you have stored that you haven’t needed actually. Call your local rubbish collection London company to deal with the useless things, and the rest give away.

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